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Upgraded Auto Digital Incubator, 20 Eggs Natural Incubation Simulator, Auto Egg Rolling and Water Fulfilling, 24H Temperature Control, with LED Egg Candler, Easy Newcomer Poultry Incubation

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  • 🥚Newly Upgraded: Here is the Brand New Released Automatic Egg Incubator. With Everything Automatically functioning, you can save time for your work. Small spatial occupation for house use; automatic digital system for simple operation. This incubator is both friendly for newcomers and professionals, and a nice family gift for all time.
  • 🥚Everything Automatic: The Heat is Crucial while incubating your eggs. The 360 Degree Egg Rotation ensures every egg receive even heat every 2 hours during the Incubation. 【Remember to Detach the Rotating Base 3 Days before Birth.】 The water fulfilling system was designed outside the incubator, therefore you can refill water without constantly opening the top, which might influence the incubation process. Simply add water into the bottle and adjust the tightness with the base to start or stop the refill.
  • 🥚Digital Control: The temperature and humidity are displayed on the screen, which could be controlled manually. Alarms will occur when there was any abnormal situation.
  • 🐣Temperature Accuracy: We applied professional thermometer divices with multiple sensor heads in different positions across the incubator to make sure the Consistency of the Temperature between the Screen and the actual temp. inside. (See the Video in the detail page) If the temperature reading on the display panel is different from the actually one, you can calibrate the readings by pressing and holding the SET button for 3 seconds, and select CAU to adjust the temperature display.
  • 🐣Cooling Technique: To ensure the egg won't be over heated and burn into a breakfast, we apply a new cooling technique. When detecting the heating is excessive, the eletricity will be cut automatically, until the temperature was brought down to set point.
  • 🐣LED Egg Check: The LED Light on the top is for process checking. With the egg candler, you can keep tracking the stage of the incubation, feel every espect of creating a life, and expect the little lives to be born.
  • 🐤Natual Incubating Simulation: All the design, including constant temperature and humidity, built-in turbo fan for circulating ventilation, frequent rotation and even heating, auto water adding, and more functions are designed according to the natural incubating process. With one click, you can easily see your eggs come alive. If you would like to involve into the incubating process, a small bottle of spray is included, which you can use to cool down the egg manually to soften the egg surface as the incubation happens.
  • 🐤Dimension & Capacity: 15* 10 * 4.5 Inches, 4 Pounds, 20 Eggs Capacity, Incubating Space Adjustable. Please note that the bottle shows in the picture is NOT included in the package, yet most regular water buttle could fit into the water filler.
  • 🐤Specification: Voltage - 110V, Power - 50W, Frequency - 50Hz. We also include 4 Chicken Water Feeder in the package, a helpful kit for your farm. This Incubator can be used for hatching the following species: Chicks, Ducks, Gooses, Quails, Parrots, Pigeons, Peacocks and Turkeys, etc. A paper manual would be included in the package demostrating the assembly maintenance of the incubator. If you found the instruction missing, please feel free to contact our customer service, and we would be happy to help.
  • 🐓Notification: To newcomers, it would be a great pleasure to touch the lives we create, yet it is also a great resonsibility to give them a wonderful life experience. Please be 100% ready before your babies are born. Every life is a miracle, and it is so because we care.