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40100 Hub Removal Tool Kit, Hub Remover fit for Frozen Hubs and Most 5 6 8 Lug Hub Car and Truckes

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Product Description

  • Suitable for the majority of 5, 6, and 8 lug hub assemblies commonly found on cars and trucks.
  • Secure the robust driving plate to the hub by using washers and lug nuts. Then, insert the strengthened threaded forcing screw and apply pressure against a sturdy surface to loosen the hub assembly. To fully detach the hub, the forcing screw must be pushed against at least two different solid points.
  • The hub assembly removal tool enables you to remove the hub assemblies efficiently and securely without jeopardizing the integrity of the axle.
  • The hub removal kit is constructed from premium steel for remarkable toughness and robustness, guaranteeing extended longevity.
  • This wheel hub removal tool comes with driving plate,17mm/0.669" hardened threaded, 2x washers.