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NO Made in China----4" DPF & CAT DELETE PIPE | GM DURAMAX DIESEL LML 2015.5-16(Without the "made in China" label)

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Vehicle fitment:

2015.5 & 2016 Chevy / GMC Duramax Diesel LML. Silverado and Sierra pickup trucks.

2015 or 2015.5?

2015 is a split year. The 2011-2015 downpipe is secured to the turbo-direct pipe using a V-band style clamp. The 2015.5-2016 uses a 3 bolt flange style connection. Be sure to visually verify the clamp style your truck is equipped with.

Exhaust Material: T-409 stainless steel. Unlike T-304 Stainless its still magnetic. So if your testing to see if you actually got stainless; beware that a magnet will still stick to it.
Thickness: 2mm
Inlet Diameter: 4"