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For 2010-2022 Cummins ISX 15 - EGR Plug Full Kit for CM2250 & CM2350 Stage 2

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This kit includes plates and plugs you need to delete your EGR Valve AND EGR Cooler on the CM2250 and CM2350 Engines.  For non-turbo setups this is everything you need, otherwise you will need a new turbo line that is not included in this kit.  This kit is intended for off road use only!  All plates in this kit are CNC laser cut or CNC machined out of high quality materials.  Brand new gasket included.  Plugs are sealed high pressure fittings.  Color instructions are also included.

If you are looking at this page then you know how EGR Coolers fail and what happens when they do.  Eliminate your EGR Cooler for the track or off-roading and have that piece of mind!  Will require the use of a tuner to disable the EGR system.

Works on: Volvo, Peterbilt, Mack, International, Freightliner, Kenworth 2010-Present with the Cummins ISX 15 engine.